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The Pulpit & Pen Slip on Banana Peel of the Spirit

Updated: May 10, 2019

The Pulpit and Pen, a hugely popular blog site that promotes the so called conservative, biblically based agenda by pandering to the Maxim crowd, in a style reminiscent of Vanity Fair, Ok! Magazine and the National Enquirer. They boast of having a huge following by posting provocative blogs that pander to their particular brand of audience. These inflammatory headlines were not meant to proclaim the truth of the Gospel at all; it was simply to make a name for themselves in the world.

If you would like to read Pulpit and Pen’s post before finishing this blog post, please do: Why We Distrust Female Spiritual Leaders (Pulpit and Pen)

In all fairness, a few of the women listed in their latest anti-women-in-the-pulpit diatribe, I can concede are not the best examples of highly educated, Holy Spirit led women. And that was the point; to mislead you about all women. To mislead those of you who have not seen or heard an example of a Holy Spirit led woman speak or teach. Most of us who live an honest, thought provoking existence have a great deal of trouble seeing how this could happen because there are many, many examples of Holy Spirit led women who preach the gospel openly. These amazing women of God have a very firm foundation in rock solid biblical teachings and who make it their lives work to study the Hebrew and Greek in order to understand what God is really saying. Obviously this is not something that the writers of the Pulpit and Pen make a very high priority. The Pulpit and Pens pretentious and self-aggrandizing attitude seems only to have indicted them.

I could make a very, very long list of men, who with no obvious influence from a woman and who has preached long and hard against women in the pulpit have been shamefully bedding these broken, pain filled, misguided women in the choir room, the hotel room, backseat of a car or any other empty space they can get them into, while all the while telling them that they are doing it for God.

One thing that I have learned in the many, many years of doing my own research, study of the scriptures, the study of extra biblical texts, reading commentary from those who are really interested in knowing what the original words of the Old and New Testament really meant within the context of the proper time in history, is that those who disparage these women, simply don’t know the true, loving heart of their Creator. They know only the rules and regulations as written by their own denominational Pharisees and Sadducees.

The true study of scripture cannot be done by simply attending some manmade denominational theological seminary and regurgitating the manmade interpretation, laws, rules and regulations they have been taught. Real, serious study of the Old and New Testaments can only be done apart from preconceived notions, theological drivel, and with a Holy Spirit led study of the Hebrew and Greek. This takes years and years and is not taught in ANY denominational theological seminary anywhere because it has been too infiltrated by manmade theology. No one, and I mean no person, denomination or Christian organization, as well meaning as they may be, has a 100% accurate interpretation of scripture. The humility of someone who recognizes that and is able to say they don’t have all the answers, but can say that they might have some insight into a scripture verse or book of the bible that is hard to read or understand is something that I find most endearing.

There was no humility found in Pulpit and Pen’s blog post at all.

Now, let’s take a look at the modern day, stand-up comedy routine men are giving from the pulpit in our contemporary, modern church here in America today. This stand-up comedy routine has been spreading like wild fire by (mostly male) missionaries around the world. It completely falls short of what the very early church leaders had in mind. These stand-up comedy routines given every Sunday are an anathema to God and have very deep roots in paganism.

These men who write for the Pulpit and Pen boldly claim they have the cornerstone to the right answer to almost every biblical question, towing the Christian, evangelical, conservative line about almost all things. But most importantly they have all the answers to the question of whether a woman could be called by God to teach or preach. That smacks of pride, and you know what God says about that (I hope).

The Pulpit and Pen say in this blog post that these women are a liberal affront to our conservative Christian beliefs. But in light of the fact that women are excluded from all but the liberal Christian communities, why should you be surprised?!? Many conservative Christian women don’t preach the gospel because they have been told to sit down and shut up. They have been discriminated against, abused, verbally assaulted, slandered and held back from following in the footsteps of Christ for the very things that are spewed out in this very article. But those of us who hear His voice; who know His voice - act. These women who have listened for years and have wrestled with what “man” would tell her to do, turns away from man and walks towards Christ in obedience, humility, gentleness and love to begin to teach the Word of God. She doesn’t look back, but forward towards the graceful face of Christ. This real woman of God serves, ministers, counsels, teaches, prays, gives words of wisdom, words of knowledge, has faith, prays for healing, works and prays for miracles, speaks prophetically, discerns spirits, and may speak in tongues and may even give an interpretation of tongues. This amazing woman of God, who face unimaginable abuse and heartache at the hands of her Christian brothers will continue to be led by the Holy Spirit and teach the true things of God. And above all else she will work for Christ full of joy, loving, peaceful, longsuffering, kind, good, faithful, gentle and self -controlled.

The fact that many of these women that were mentioned by name in this misogynistic blog have chosen not to respond and are in fact showing real, genuine fruit of the spirit in the face of a prideful, boastful claim that only men are Godly enough to carry the precious Word of God to the masses. In Matthew 7 we are warned that “we will know them by their fruits”. Not responding in many ways shows how unimaginably long suffering these women are in the face of archaic beliefs, passed down by generation after generation of denominational male controlled interpretation of certain passages in scripture, which for years have been used to keep women in their male appointed roles.

Please answer this if you may? Who chooses God’s prophets? Is it a man? Who chooses those who preach God’s Word? Is it you? Is it a man?

Source Blog Post: https://pulpitandpen.org/2019/04/29/why-we-distrust-female-spiritual-leaders/

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