• Julie Cabral

6 Must-Read Books for Women

My must-read book selection is VERY large, however I was able to widdle my top picks about the egalitarian roles of women in the Christian home and church to 6. I also have a list of my Top Ten must reads. Please take some time to check those out too.

1. Ten Lies the Church Tells Women by J.Lee Grady

2. What Paul Really Said About Women by John Temple Bristow

3. I Suffer Not A Woman by Richard and Catherine Kroeger

4. What Paul Meant by Garry Wills

5. The Lost Apostle by Rena Pederson

6. Junia: The First Woman Apostle by Eldon J. Epp

There are also so many great online studies and youtube videos that can help us all come to a right biblical conclusion of what God really desires for women in the body of Christ. I would encourage you, on your own, do a biblical study of "ezer kenegdo". It may change your life.


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