Why is Trump Hated So Much, In Spite of His Rousing Patriotism?

Many of us have been greatly confused by the fact that so many politicians, both Democrat and Republican, are against border security, fences and detaining indefinitely illegal immigrants that are pouring over our borders until they are fully investigated.  In light of past terror attacks and threats, it only makes sense to investigate thoroughly all those who wish to enter our country.  We sit back and watch night after night the cable news networks debate the sensibilities of securing our borders in the way in which President Trump has planned to do.  The more liberal networks seem to be siding with many of the Democrats in favor of open borders with very little vetting, if at all.  The Democrats tell us it is a humanitarian crisis for families, completely overlooking the human trafficking component as well as the large amounts of illegal drugs also pouring in to our country at the hands of illegal immigrants.

The Republican policies on the other hand seem to make more sense to me.  They want everyone who comes into our country to go through a proper process that involves vetting, background checks and more.  I agree that this process is taking far too long and that this process needs to be shortened considerably in order to reduce harm and long term stress to these families and all parties involved.

This plan to vet those who want to immigrate to our country, to me, only makes common sense.  So either those who are opposed to this process don’t care that our country could be letting in potential terrorists, gang members, drug dealers, human traffickers and the like or they would like to deliberately and with malice cause chaos within its borders by overwhelming cities and counties with a huge influx of people who need education, health care, welfare assistance and more.  More and more are heading to our borders in caravans so this needs to be dealt with and dealt with soon.   It may be just this chaos they are hoping for in order to institute laws that would bring us closer and closer to a world government.

All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept a New World Order”, David Rockefeller

If you are like me and do NOT see what the problem is with holding those who wish to immigrate to our country until their hearing dates and a proper vetting process has been completed, then you may not completely understand the under lying issues that go into this deeply complicated and heartbreaking issue.

Let me just get straight to the point.  There are factions within our government, both Republican and Democrat, which want open borders because they want a world where all the borders are open everywhere; like in many Europe countries.  An America where people can freely move across the borders in order to do business, work, take part in our political system without being a citizen of our country, have voting rights and so much more. On the surface it may look like Democrats simply see them as a new base to pull from in order to get more Democrats elected.  I am telling you this plan is far worse and insidious than at first glance.

Let’s address the real root of the problem;  it is nationalism versus globalism.  The insanely, obsessive hatred of President Trump stems from the fact he is an unapologetic America first business man and there is very little room for globalist policies and agendas.

How does this fit into the biblical world view that we should always be mindful of?   As biblical prophecy seems to be getting fulfilled on nearly a daily basis as we are heading into a time where the Anti-Christ will soon be on the scene.  This Anti-Christ will have complete control over every tongue, tribe and nation.  In order for this to happen we need to have had globalist policies and agendas put in place long before he shows up on the political stage.

I would like to give you a short list, to name a few, of those globalist ideals that need to be in place prior to or very closely after the anti-Christ rises to power:

  1. Socialized medicine

  2. Gun control

  3. Big Government

  4. High taxes

  5. Population reduction

  6. Cheap labor through open borders

  7. Extreme environmentalism (this should not be confused with caring for our God given dominion)

  8. Increased personal debt as well as national debt

  9. International welfare

  10. Class warfare

  11. No religion/pagan religion

  12. Destroy the family

How can you spot someone who is a globalist, either in our own government or in another?  They are someone that does not put their immediate community or country first.  They are always against anything that will help Israel as a nation remain sovereign.  Their agenda and policies help other nations while at the same time weakening  their  own country.   Some groups and organizations that you may have heard of throughout the years that have a very globalist agendas include:  Rosicrucian’s, Illuminati, Freemasons, the Federal Reserve Bank, League of Nations, United Nations, Bilderberg, Vatican, the Trilateral Commission, NATO and almost every secret society out there (to name a few).  Many of these organizations are still very active throughout the world today and have no idea that they are working towards an anti-Christ agenda because they have a very secular world view and do not read the bible.  They are unwitting pawns in the long time desire of the enemy to have world domination. In all honesty, many of these organizations genuinely think that these policies will help the world.  What would be better than the entire world having open borders where everyone gets along? 

Here are some well-known globalists of the 20-21st century, to name but a few:  Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama,  George H.W. Bush, Pope Francis, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Walter Cronkite, Paul Ryan and George Soros who has made several attempts to bring down some pretty big nations by controlling monetary fluctuations that he created.  He made billions from this monetary interference.

Some men who were against globalism were men like Rep. Larry McDonald, killed on a bombed Korean airline, President John F. Kennedy, assassinated in Texas and Robert  Kennedy who was also assassinated.  There is no direct link to their nationalist agendas and their deaths, but it certainly makes you think.  Being able to discern the globalist agenda in our government and around the world will help you as a believer to better see these end times fulfillment of prophecy.

Sources:  Hidden in Plain View; Bible Prophecy , Jan Markell on YouTube, Sept. 2017

Additional Reading:  Soros Co-opting Churches to Push New World Order, The New American, April 2016

Posted Jan. 18,2019