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TCS is a local online magazine founded in 2006 which provides meaningful news, local Christian events, information and inspirational stories that are significant to us and relevant in our world today!  We also offer a cross section of Christian writers that are dedicated to helping the average Christian become a more discerning and mature member of the body of Christ!  We have a devoted local audience of daily viewers and TCS is dedicated to serving our local Christian community in every way possible!  

In January 2019, we rebooted TCS in this new and visually stunning format that we hope will be easier to navigate.  

If you have a blog, would like to reach a larger audience and would like to contribute to our site, please let us know how we can make that happen!

Do you have a ministry, outreach, church or mission that you would like to tell Hampton Roads all about, please let us know how we can help!

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