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for November 6, 2019

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17 Ways Pastors Can Hit the Refresh Button

Christian Life

Every pastor who still wants to be in the ministry five years from now needs to take a day or two off each quarter to hit the refresh button.

The most valuable assets we have, after all, aren’t our offices, computers, books and other tangible resources. Instead, our greatest assets are intangible—our creative souls.

By “creative souls,” I’m speaking about everything inside us that makes us who we are at the office (and away from church, too). This includes our knowledge, skills, perceptions, understanding, craftsmanship, and wisdom. It includes our abilities to come up with brilliant ideas, new solutions, artistic expressions, and bursts of insight and intuition that surprise us.

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Prophet Says Trump ‘Shook the Heavenlies’ with July 4 Speech, Caused California Earthquakes


Hosting Mark Taylor, who is popular in American charismaticism and is colloquially known as ‘the firefighter prophet,’ Christopher McDonald recently claimed on a webcast that Donald Trump’s 4th of July speech ‘shook the heavenlies’ and caused the recent California earthquakes.

Claiming that something “shifted in the spirit realm” on July 4, McDonald said, “Our president shook the heavenlies with that speech. Something shifted over D.C.and two earthquakes, a flood now in D.C., and this Epstein thing; something is astir in the heavenlies over this nation right now.”

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‘I See Prophecy Being Fulfilled’: Powerful Global Investors Flock to Jerusalem for Groundbreaking Tech Summit


JERUSALEM, Israel – Nearly 20 thousand innovators and investors from almost every country came to see the largest tech meeting in the history of Israel, the OurCrowd global summit.

The summit brings together extraordinary technology like Beyond Meat, a company that developed a plant-based meat substitute.

Another Israeli company discovered how to turn air into water – a game-changing innovation that can provide drinking water to entire cities.

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Meaningful News

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Scientists Develop Method to Reduce Population of Dangerous Mosquitoes

Health and Science

Some mosquitoes spread diseases to humans through their bite, passing along harmful pathogens like Zika, dengue fever, West Nile virus and chikungunya.

Now humans are turning the tables, infecting these dangerous mosquitoes with bacteria that sabotage their ability to spawn.

Chinese researchers were able to reduce these mosquito populations by as much as 94% using a bacteria-based strategy that interferes with the insects' reproductive cycle.

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Israel's Ambassador Uses Bible to Prove Jewish People's Claim to Israel at U.N. Session


In a passionate speech on Monday, Danny Danon, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, used the Bible as evidence to prove the Jewish right to claim Israel.

During a special session at the United Nations Security Council on Monday, Danon defended the Jew’s religious and historical connection to Israel by citing four main pillars of reasons: “the Bible, history, international law, and the pursuit of international peace and security.” 

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Woman claims to spot Jesus in photo of flaming Notre Dame Cathedral roof

Is it Real or is it Fake?

A woman who was reading about the Notre Dame Cathedral fire on Monday couldn't believe her eyes when she spotted a religious figure in a photo of the historic church's flaming roof.

Lesley Rowan, a 38-year-old mother from Alexandria in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, took to social media to share the photo, which she believes depicted Jesus Christ.

"I may be letting my mind play tricks on me here, folks take a close look at this picture and what do you see," she wrote on Facebook, the Daily Mail reports.

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